28 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Jimmy Choo Coffee Cup Sleeves

Hi peeps,

Have you heard of Jimmy Choo's coffee cup sleeves?

Aren't they sooo cute and stylish ? :)

I wanna call it ''Jimmy Choo for Starbucks'' cause most of the people that purchase these sleeves will use them for Starbucks cups =)

Personally, I won't pay 165 usd for each of these sleeves, but if someone gifts me one I be happy, because I'm sometimes too frustrated when baristas forget to give me  the hella hot coffee cup without a sleeve :)

9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

TOMS Wedding Shoes

Hi peeps!

You all know TOMS right? You may be like '' another ugly but fashionable stuff'' but when you learn it's mission you may consider liking it :) . TOMS is famous for its ''buy one give one'' mission. So basically, when you get one pair of  TOMS shoes, you give another pair to a child in need. 

TOMS slip on shoes are the most comfy shoes I have ever worn. They look absolutely awesome under leggings or skinny jeans. Did you get to see TOMS wedding collection? If yes, would you pick TOMS as your and your bridemaids wedding shoes ? And also for groom ?

I would definitely pick them for me and for my bridemaids! We don't experience our wedding so many times so we gotta enjoy this day without thinking of looking like a complete Barbie doll. We can still look cute and feel at ease

P.S : I don't normally confirm plagiarism but another brand which is Airwalk makes shoes that exactly look like TOMS and if u buy a pair of them, they give another pair to a woman in need.