23 Şubat 2012 Perşembe

The Most Beautiful Man : Andrej Pejic

Greetings Peeps,

Today, I want to talk about Serbian - Australian model, Andrej Pejic.

You may be thinking I misspelled the title . But I didn't =) Becaussee Andrej is a man ! I know he looks hotter than most of the chicks in the celeb land but this is the truth !

He is one of the most wanted models of the fashion industry.

He models  Jean Paul Gaultier's both man and woman colllections !

Recently, he modeled push up bras for a lingerie brand that is called Hema . 

He knows and says that he gotta work harder than other models in the industry to be taken seriously ! I believe, most of the fashionistas already accepted him the way he is and in few years we all gonna see him on the magazine covers every single month !

4 Şubat 2012 Cumartesi

Jennifer Lopez's Style

Heya Peeps !

Today I wanna talk about Jennifer Lopez. You all know she has been the queen of the thickness for long time =) Size 0 addict Hollywood and World Music Industry accepts her with her big and awesome booty =)

Also she inspires so many young people with her taste of fashion .

First of all I wanna talk about legging outfits of her.

She rocks leggings !

She is a huge fan of Louboutins!

She likes to pick Loubs for special events and casual outfits.

She can carry night gowns very well !

She generally picks light colors such as pink, white or light blue - green.

What do you think about her stylish trench coats?

And last but not least, even tho she is a mommy and not a young girl anymore, she still has one of the best bikini bodies of the celeb land !